Janis Weeks

Janis Weeks is a Professor of Biology and member of the Institute of Neuroscience.  Her research program investigates how hormones affect the structure and function of the nervous system (click here for details).

During the past decade Weeks has become increasingly involved with Africa.  Since 1996 she has taught in and organized advanced neuroscience courses in Africa for graduate and medical students, under the auspices of the African Regional Committee of the International Brain Research Organization (http://www.ibro.org/).  These short courses provide intensive training in neuroscience and career development skills for African students from all over the continent.  Weeks is a student of Zimbabwean music (mbira and marimba) and the Education Director of the Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center, a not-for-profit organization in Eugene dedicated to the music and people of Zimbabwe (http://www.kutsinhira.org/kutsinhira.php).  She has studied with Zimbabwean master musicians in Eugene and Zimbabwe.  To broaden the scope of Africa-themed classes at UO, Weeks is offering a new undergraduate course “The Biology of Tropical Disease: Africa” (Bi399) beginning in spring, 2006.  She is also involved in arranging new internship opportunities in Africa for UO students interested in biomedical research.

Janis C. Weeks (full bio at Biology Dept website)
e-mail: weeks@uoneuro.uoregon.edu
voice: 541-346-4517
fax: 541-346-4548
office: 209 Huestis Hall

Janis Weeks with Cosmas Magaya and his aunt Patricia Magaya.  Mhondoro tribal trust area, Zimbabwe, 2005.