FALL 2005

ArH 204

Ancient Art

Willendorf Venus

Venus of Willendorf

Jeffrey Hurwit
Office: 237B Lawrence Hall
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Akkadian cylinder seal

Akkadian Period 2340 - 2180

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Note: If you have a documented disability and anticipate the need for accomodations in this course, please meet with me as soon as possible. In addition, please request that the Counselor for Students with Disabilities (Hilary Gerdes, X6-3211) send a letter verifying your disability if she has not already done so.

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A Word or Two on Classroom Etiquette:

In a large class such as this, especially one where lectures are conducted in dim light, students tend to believe that they are "anonymous" and that behavior will go unnoticed. Neither belief is accurate. Carrying on a conversation during the lecture or eating lunch or snacks are discourteous and distracting to your professor, to your graduate teaching assistants and, most important, to your fellow students. Behavior that undermines the quality of the classroom experience for all concerned will not be tolerated.
In addition, please turn off all cellular phones and other devices that beep before the start of class.

The Course Website and ImageReserve:

An electronic version of the syllabus and monument list, with images of many of the most important works of art and architecture studied in the course, will be found at the ArH 204 Website:

ImageReserve, another bank of images of works presented in this course, can be found at:

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