The committee on Committees

This committee was created 18 September 1912 ( see Vol 3 Page 104 of the UO Assembly records)
The following is taken from US9900-15c

6.5 Committee on Committees: The Committee on Committees is nominated by the Senate Nominating Committee and elected by and responsible to the University Senate. It is charged with the oversight of the committee structure within the system of shared governance. Further, this committee shall designate the faculty membership of all appointed University Standing Committees established by faculty legislation. It may also, when appropriate, nominate the faculty membership of Administrative Advisory Groups and Externally-Mandated Boards. The Committee on Committees shall be charged with the annual orientation of all chairs of University Standing Committees.

6.5.1 The Vice-President of the University Senate shall serve as the chair of the Committee on Committees.

6.5.2 Should vacancies occur during mid-year, the President of the University Senate, inconsultation with the Senate Nominating Committee, shall appoint members to complete terms of service on the Committee on Committees.


Starting in 2001/1, this is is chared by the Senate Vice President who serves Ex Officio.
  1. Annual report May 2008
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