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The name of this committee was changed to the Non tenure track faculty committee by US07/08-3

Enabling legislation

The following information is taken from US01/02-8 enabling legislation:

Motion US0102-8 -- Establish a UO Standing Committee on Nontenure-track Instructional Faculty

Passed by University Senate May 8, 2002; amended May 22, 2002.

Sponsored by the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Nontenure-Track Instructional Faculty: Shaul Cohen, Geography; Robert Davis, Romance Languages; Susan Fagan, English; Wayne Gottshall, Romance Languages; Margaret Hallock, Morse Center; Lynn Kahle, Sports Marketing; Jim Long, Chemistry; Gina Psaki, Romance Languages, Chair.

Whereas the presence of a highly professionalized cadre of nontenure-track, instructional faculty (hereafter NTTIF) at the UO is an established fact; whereas the UO has a vital interest in preserving and increasing instructional quality in an era of increasing enrollments; whereas NTTIF lack the compensation, institutional support, and academic freedom of tenure-track instructional faculty, and the job security of other regular cadres of employees on campus; whereas greater clarity and consistency in policies touching the NTTIF are desirable; and whereas these issues are national and ongoing, and cannot be resolved in the scope of an ad hoc committee;

The University Senate moves to establish a University Standing Committee on the Status of NTTIF, with the following charges and responsibilities, membership, and reporting:


The University Standing Committee on the Status of nontenure-track instructional faculty (NTTIF) shall focus on addressing the needs of nontenure-track instructional faculty at the University of Oregon. The responsibilities of the committee shall include the following:


Membership of the NTTIF committee shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees for two-year terms (staggered) and shall include at least four members of the tenured faculty, four members of the nontenure-track instructional faculty, and an undergraduate and graduate student. Each UO school / college in which NTTIF are employed should be represented on the committee at least every second year. The Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee shall serve ex-officio in a non-voting capacity.


The Status of the NTTIF Committee shall report to the University Senate. At a minimum this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Secretary of the University Senate no later than the final University Senate meeting in May. The committee shall also make additional written or oral reports to the Senate as necessary.


  • 2002-2003: Robert Davis, Lynn Kahle, Jim Long, Susan Fagan, Peter Gilkey, Jeanne Wagenknecht, Greg McLaughlan.
  • 2003-2004: Susan Fagan, Jeanne Wagenknecht, Bob Bussel, Georgeanne Cooper, Robert Davis, Kassia Dellabough, Alison Evans, Greg McLauchlan, Carl Stiefbold, Rick Troxel, Lorraine Davis.
  • 2004-2005: Kassia Dellabough (Convenor), Bob Bussel, Georgeanne Cooper, Robert Davis, Alison Evans, Carl Stiefbold, Rick Troxel, Holly Arrow, Leslie Hall, Julie Novkov, Russ Tomlin.
  • 2005-2006: Chair Julie Novkov, Holly Arrow, Leslie Hall, Julie Novkov, Ali Emami, Alan Dickman, Harinder Hennesy, Yelaina Kripkov, Joan Malmud, Lauri Neighbors, Gloria Zabala, Russ Tomlin.
  • 2006-2007: Ali Emami, Alan Dickman, Harinder Hennesy, Yelaina Kripkov, Joan Malmud, Lauri Neighbors, Gloria Zabala, Amy Goeser-Kolb, Michele Henney, Phil McCullum, Daniel Pope, Russ Tomlin.
  • 2007-2008: Amy Goeser-Kolb, Music/Dance; Michele Henney, College of Business; Phil McCullum, Educational Leadership; Ali Emami, Business Warren Ginsberg, English; Alan Kelly, Biology; Deborah Morrison, Journalism; Lang; Catherine Soutar, University Planning; Dennis Munroe, PARS; Susan Verscheure, Human Physiology; and Kathleen Roberts, Education; Russ Tomlin.
  • 2008-2009: Michelle Henney & Ali Emami (Co-Chairs), Warren Ginsberg; Alan Kelly; Deborah Morrison; Catherine Soutar, ; Dennis Munroe; Susan Verscheure; Kathleen Roberts; Michele Henney, Leland Roth, Mary Jaeger, Robert Davis Ex Officio -- Russ Tomlin
  • The membership for 2009/2010 is available on the University Committee Web Page 2009/10 University Committee Web Page. It will be posted to this archival web page in late May 2010.

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