Student Health Advisory Committee

This is an administrative committee. The following information is from the Committee Page:



The SHAC shall serve the following purposes for the benefit of the University of Oregon Student Body (hereinafter "Student Body").

  • 1. Evaluate proposed budgets of the University Health Center (UHC) and recommend an annual budget to the UHC Director.
  • 2. Recommend the UHC fee to the UHC Director.
  • 3. Evaluate and recommend changes in the UHC program of services, based on the best interests of the student body.
  • 4. Establish a student health insurance policy and program for its administration and assist in negotiating the insurance policy terms with an appropriate underwriter.
  • 5. Evaluate and recommend criteria for determining policy for financing health care services for students through the UHC.
  • 6. Serve as liaison between the student body and the UHC.
  • 7. Promote good health throughout the University community.



    Among other duties, the committee is responsible for producing, managing, and evaluating representative needs assessment and impact surveys; determination of the annual budget; external health care; and operation and conduct.

    SHAC meetings shall be held at least bimonthly during the regular school year and monthly, if possible, during the Summer term. On occasion, the SHAC may invite the Counseling Center Advisory Committee to a joint meeting. Ad hoc task force and work group meetings may be held from time to time, as needed. A quorum shall be the majority of voting members. Meetings shall be open to the public, pursuant to the Oregon Public Meetings Law. Notice of time and place of meetings will be submitted in advance to the Oregon Daily Emerald.


    The voting membership of this committee shall consist of nine (9) students at the University of Oregon who meet the minimum enrollment requirements established for service on student governance committees plus four (4) faculty not directly associated with the University Health Center. It is desired that one (1) of the student members also be a member of the student senate or other elected campus office. The non-voting membership of this committee shall consist of five (5) ex-officio members: The UHC Director, the UHC Medical Administrator, a representative from the Administration division, a representative from the Student Affairs Division and a representative from the Office of International Education and Exchange. There will be other regular committee participants, involved on an ad hoc basis, such as the Student Health Insurance Coordinator and Student Health Insurance Consultant. It is desired that one (1) of the voting or non-voting members also serve on the Counseling Center Advisory Committee.


    The Student Health Advisory Committee shall report to the Director of the Student Health Center in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Director of the Student Health Center and to the President of the University no later than May 31.


    (Student membership not available)

    Minutes for 2005-6 and 2006-7. 

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