Promotion Tenure Retention Appeal Committee

  • The Promotion, Tenure, Retention Appeal Committee (PTRAC) is governed by OAR 570-003. The purpose of this committee is to hear appeals on decisions to deny promotion and/or tenure or the failure to renew an appointment. It is a three member faculty committee with an alternate. 1 Member from CAS, 1 member from professional schools and colleges, 1 at large member and 1 alternate.



    ELIGIBILITY: Members of this committee must be tenured Officers of Instruction and must have served on the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC). Individuals who were involved in a review of a case while a member of the FPC are not eligible to serve on PTRAC if it is reviewing that case on appeal. No person may serve successive three year terms. Prior members of the FPC are not eligible to serve while they are deans or department heads. No two persons from the same department may serve on PTRAC at the same time.

    Reports: Since the committee deals with confidential appeals, the committee does not file substantive reports.


    Membership in recent years:

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