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Apart from considerations which led to motions on the withdrawal date and change in the number of graded hours required for graduation (see Assembly Minutes of March 5), the ASC has focused its attention this year on curricular offerings and academic procedures that seem to compromise the University's stated goal of providing its students with a quality education. Responses to this solicitation reinforced the committee's own questionings and provided some specifics. A summary of these responses, insofar as they were of a general nature, has been made and a copy will be placed on file in the Provost's office for those wishing to consult it. We should, however, like to identify here the chief areas of voiced concern, and our sense of the appropriate disposition of them for further consideration and possible action: The committee has encouraged the Registrar, who is an ex officio member of it and several other committees where academic standards are involved, to the ASC's attention lapses from academic standards that tUrn up in those other committee's deliberations. We should also encourage those committees' chairers, especially those of the ARC and SRC, when confronted with violations of academic standards, to acquaint Heads and Deans with these violations, as we believe most such cases escape their attention. Respectfully submitted, Sam Boggs Jodi Ann Bradbury Robert Freeman Stanley Greenfield, Chairman Wanda Johnson Kevin Swan

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