Motion SF08/09-1 - To legitimize the University Senate

  • Preamble: The Department of Justice has provided an opinion ( OP-6735) in response to a letter from 2007-08 University Senate President Gordon Sayre concerning the quorum and voting requirements of the University Assembly. The opinion recommends, as an important first step, that the faculty delegate the exercise of its statutory powers to the University Senate.

  • Whereas, the ruling of the Department of Justice ( OP-6735) clearly states that this step is desirable to conduct the affairs of the present University Senate in a manner that leaves its actions free from challenge in its exercise of previously delegated authority;

  • Be it moved that, the statutory faculty delegates the exercise of its statutory powers to the University Senate and ratifies the version of the Senate Charter, enabling legislation, and bylaws as amended, that exists as of 28 April 2009
    Legislative History and related documents
    1. This was passed at the 6 May 2009 meeting of the Statuatory Faculty.

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