There will be a meeting of the Statutory Faculty on May 6, 2009 from 3:30-5:00 in Columbia 150.


  1. Call to order by President Frohnmayer (presiding officer).
  2. Announcement of the appointment of a parlimentarian for the meeting.
  3. Appointment of the secretary for the meeting.
  4. Introductory remarks from President Frohnmayer.
  5. Motion SF08/09-1 -- To legitimize the University Senate.
  6. Motion SF08/09-2 -- To ratify all past acts of the University Senate.
  7. Adjournment

Town hall meeting to discuss governance changes and opportunities.

Minutes submitted for review and approval at the 19 May 2010 Statutory Faculty Meeting. 

Legislative History: The following outline is unofficial - official minutes will be posted presently.
  1. The apointment of Paul Simonds as parlimentarian was announced.
  2. Gwen Steigelman was appointed Secretary for the meeting without objection.
  3. It was announced that 107 persons were present for the meeting.
  4. Motion SF08/09-1 -- To legitimize the University Senate passed.
  5. Motion SF08/09-2 -- To ratify all past acts of the University Senate was passed as amended.
  6. The meeting was adjourned.

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