"DDS serves me as a student, and they
will serve you too! They provide great
service along with special memories, such
as the time my ex-boyfriend puked all over
my lap in the van." - Kristen Vogt, Junior,
Medieval Studies.
About DDS
We're kind of a big deal...

DDS is an acronym for the Designated Driver Shuttle. We are a student run program operating out of the University of Oregon. Our employees are fellow students, who in turn pay to keep the program running.

Our mission is to see to it that fellow students do not put themselves at trisk by getting behind the wheel after they have had a few drinks. Underage drinking, and more importantly drinking while driving, are major problems in any college town.

There are many programs at the University that aim to prevent such behavior, but DDS is a program that provides solutions when they occur: namely, providing designated rides for intoxicated students.

We are a "no-questions'asked" program. We will not ask you how old you are, nor do we presume guilt on all passengers. As a rider, you are not obligated to tell anything about where you have been that night, who you were with, or what you have done.

DDS understands the pressures that face students today. Always having to designate a sober driver may be the responsible thing to do, yet it is often a difficult thing to do. Just like our own government has programs that act as a safety net to help those in need, DDS acts as such to help those without safe and sober transport for the night.

The University stands firmly behind the Designated Driver Shuttle service. Too often, friends and family are struck with grief and tragedy when a loved one makes the decision to drink and drive, only to end up later in a hospital...or worse.. DDS aims to prevent such tragedies from ever happening by curing the symptoms of a much larger disease: irresponsible drinking.

Our mission statement is to protect our fellow students from irresponsible drinking; to prevent intoxicated students from getting behind the wheel; to promote alcohol-awareness in a campus environment; and finally, to provide safe and sober transport to the students of the University of Oregon, at no cost.

Operating Hours

We operate 7 days a week.
We start taking calls at 10:00 pm.
We stop talking calls at 2:30 am., and close at 3:30 am.
Often, weekends especially, we may stop taking calls earlier than 2:30 am. This is because we have a backlog of rides that will take more time to clear than our operating hours.