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Adaptive Technology Center

A computing lab with accessible machines on both the Macintosh and IBM platforms, a braille printer, and Openbook text-to-speech software.

Welcome to the University of Oregon's Adaptive Technology Lab home page. The lab is located on the main floor of the Knight Library in rooms 138 and 139 which are adjacent to the reference section. The adaptive equipment in the lab provides access to computer technology for students with disabilities.

Students interested in using the equipment or anyone interested in touring the facility should contact James Bailey at (541) 346-1076. The lab is kept locked at all times for safety and security. Students trained in the use of the equipment are given keys to the lab.

Other services for students with disabilities are handled through Disability Services in 164 Oregon Hall (541) 346-1155.

The Adaptive Tech Lab is a university student computing lab that provides accommodated access to the following technology:

Application Software Supported in the Adaptive Tech Center

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Open Book
  5. Duxbury BT

Adaptive Software Supported in the Adaptive Tech Lab

  1. JAWS
  2. ZoomText
  3. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Authorized students may use the lab whenever the Knight Library is open. Library Hours

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This site is maintained by James Bailey, the university's Adaptive Technology Access Adviser. Updated: 12/04