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Interpreting Islam, Modernity and Women’s Rights in Pakistan Palgrave Macmillan, 2014; South Asian edition by Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, 2015 See video from Rockefeller Center in Bellagio, discussing the book manuscript

Co-editor (with Arjun Guneratne) and contributor Pathways to Power: the Domestic Politics of South Asia Rowman & Littlefield, 2014; South Asian edition by Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, 2014

Co-Editor (with Saba Gul Khattak) and contributor Development Challenges confronting Pakistan Kumarian Press, 2013; South Asian edition by Viva Books, New Delhi, 2013

Co-editor (with Zulfiqar Gilani) and contributor Power and Civil Society in Pakistan Oxford University Press, 2001

Walls Within Walls: Life Histories of Working Women in the Old City of Lahore Westview Press, 1992; Republished in Pakistan by Pak Books, 1992; republished by Oxford University Press with a new Preface, 2002

Culture, Class and Development in Pakistan: The Emergence of an Industrial Bourgeoisie in Punjab Westview Press, 1991; Republished in Pakistan by Vanguard Press, 199

Editor and contributor Islamic Reassertion in Pakistan: The Application of Islamic Laws in a Modern State Syracuse University Press, November 1986; Republished in Pakistan by Vanguard Press, 198

Recent Articles/Book Chapters:
*“After the Taliban and the Megaflood: The Challenges of Reconciliation and Rebuilding Lives in Swat" (in progress)

*"Competing Visions of Women's Rights in Pakistan: State, Civil Society and Islamist Groups" in Routledge Handbook on Contemporary Pakistan edited by Aparna Pande (in pgrogress)

*The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA)” in Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics (in progress; my entry completed)

*“Surviving in Pakistan’s Cities: A Complex Web of Challenges and Alternatives” Arena Journal No. 41/42, 2013-14, pp. 260-277

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