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Alums Kellie Johnnson '96 and Sid Moore '98 talk
about their experiences for Minority Law Day

Class of 2006
Kennedy Luvai
Annette McGee

Class of 2005
Adrian Gilmore
Melyssa Schwartz-Baxter
Merwin "Moe" Spencer
Kimberly Wilson-Vincent*
* (visiting student - graduation Fall 2005 from LSU)

Class of 2004
Michael Callier
John Branham

Class of 2003

Class of 2002

Class of 2001
Camara Jones
Glen Banfield

Class of 2000
Nicole Commissiong
Millicent Y. Lewis
Pamela A. Miles
Ashogan J. Naido

Class of 1998
Willie L. Childs
Anthony R. Jones
Sidney R. Moore, Jr.
Chad E. Paulson
Eric A. Trice

Class of 1997
Angie Lee

Class of 1996
Kellie Johnson

Class of 1995
Lisa Lawrence
Shawn Burnett
Darrell Doss
Patrick Patton
Helena Gurley

Class of 1994
Carmen N. Moore
Gregory Moore

Class of 1993
James Britt
Monica Hardy
Paul Loving

Class of 1988
Renee C. Norris

Class of 1985
Jeffrey A. Beaver
Lavernis L. Coleman

Class of 1984
Stephen Simms

Class of 1982
Leon Jordan, Jr.
LeJune Perrin

Class of 1981
Henry H. Lazenby, Jr.
Janet Milton C. Jackson

Class of 1980
Marilee J. Scarbrough
Kenneth R. Walker

Class of 1979
William Wheeler

Class of 1978
Roberty M. Carter
Gregory E. Keys

Class of 1977
James C. Buckley
The Hon. William D. Young (ret.)

Class of 1976
The Hon. Clifford L. Freeman
Melvin T. Toran, Sr.

Class of 1975
Florence B. King
Gail M. Whitaker

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