John Burridge

  John Burridge

Desktop Support, English

Getting Help

There are several ways you can ask me for software and hardware help.

If you have a quick question, drop by my office, send me an e-mail, or telephone. If you need help with something more involved -- installing something new, for example -- the first step is to send a message to the technical staff at; this will start a support ticket.
Status of various UO Computing Services:

Obtaining Software

What kind of computer should I buy?

For purchases under $5000, I can help you place an order with CAS-IT or through the Digital Duck. For more expensive purchases, there's more involved paperwork. For portable equipment purchased with department funds (for example, laptops and iPads) you'll need to fill out a UO Property Receipt Form.

To get an idea of what to buy, the UO has a Dell Premiere web page and an Apple Computer page. There's a UO general buyer's guide page created Central IT.

I also find the Ars Technia system guide insightful.

UO Networking Information

The university provides both Ethernet and wireless network connections to campus computing and internet resources.

Campus Computing News


Brief Bio

I graduated from Reed College in 1987 with a B.A. in Psychology. My undergraduate thesis ought to be fairly amusing by now: "The Effects of Posted Feedback on LaserWriter Payment." In spite of studying how my fellow Reedies did (or did not) pay for their LaserWriter printing, my thesis was produced on a PDP-11 running UN*X, edited with emacs, and formatted with nroff commands. And I walked to school uphill both ways through knee-deep mud.

Upon graduation from Reed, I continued a career in computer user support.

In my spare time, I write science fiction and fantasy short stories. I am also an amateur harptist.

I've lived in Eugene since 1999.


"Open sesame!"
An old cautionary tale
about password use.

John Burridge | PLC 106 | 8:45 AM - 12:45 PM, M-F | 6-3570