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CFC is unique in the format and kind of mental health services it provides to children and families. EcoFIT, developed by CFC researchers, is an ecological approach to family intervention and treatment that acknowledges the influences of a child’s immediate environment: peers, siblings, caregivers, teachers, neighborhood. EcoFIT is a fluid principle and not a single theoretical perspective; it defines and guides our efforts to improve our intervention services.


EcoFIT has six unique features:

The intervention services are based on research into child and adolescent mental health problems and early drug use.

The intervention services are family centered.

The intervention services are assessment driven.

The intervention services target the social interactions of children with their caregivers, teachers, and peers to work toward long-lasting change.

Strengthening client motivation to change is a core component.

The intervention services are based on a health maintenance model.


What other features are unique to an ecological approach to intervention?