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The Family Check-Up is the cornerstone of our ecological approach

The Family Check-Up enables us to adapt and tailor family-centered interventions to the needs of children and adolescents. Figure 2 (below) shows the overall strategy of EcoFIT and the Family Check-Up. Each check-up includes:

Initial interview. This 60-minute “get to know you interview”

Ecological assessment. Long experience has taught us how important it is to carefully assess each family’s experience before making decisions about intervention options.

FCU model

Feedback session. In this review of the findings from the assessments,

Service menu

All the interventions that follow the Family Check-Up have been shown in previous studies to help children and adolescents improve their social behavior and their emotional adjustment. The current intervention options are:

Brief family-centered interventions

Parent groups

Family therapy

Child interventions

School-based interventions

· engage parents

· establish norms for parenting practices

· disseminate information about risks for problem behavior and substance use

· help parents learn how to identify observable risk factors and how to use effective family management skills, including positive reinforcement, monitoring, limit setting, and relationship skills

The FRC in participating schools also provides

· Home visits to increase participation in family-centered interventions, which increase parental engagement

· Videotape examples of effective family management skills, and a simple rating form to help parents identify observable risk factors in the context of parent–child interaction

· A six-week health curriculum promoting school success, reduced substance use, and reduced conflict

· Direct professional support to parents, including a brief family intervention, school monitoring system, parent groups, behavioral family therapy, and case management services

Ecological management and advocacy