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Alumni Spotlight

Graduate Alumni

Dr. Eddie Chang - Completed a Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry with Prof. Peticolas Mazo in 1977 at UO. Dr. Chang is Acting Biosensors Program Director at the NSF, he let us know, "I had retired, after 31 years as a research scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory. But, my retirement was short, when after a few months, I was asked if I were interested in becoming the Acting Biosensors PD for CBET at NSF. So, I am now taking a temporary break from my "summer vacation" and enjoying science from a different perspective."

Dr. Edward J. Sambriski - Completed a Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry with Prof. Marina G. Guenza in 2001 at UO. Dissertation project dealt with the development of coarse-graining methods for macromolecular systems, including polymer melts, blends, and diblock copolymers. Supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Program. Edward worked with Prof. Juan J. de Pablo (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering), in collaboration with Prof. David C. Schwartz (Laboratory for Molecular and Computational Genomics, Department of Chemistry, and Laboratory for Genetics), as a postdoctoral associate in the Genomic Sciences Training Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His project entailed the development of a computational model for DNA as well as computer simulations on nucleic acid hybridization (thermodynamic and kinetic phenomena) and packaging in confined geometries (encapsidation). Edward will begin an assistant professorship in the Department of Chemistry at Delaware Valley College, Pennsylvania, in Fall 2009. Research interests continue to be in the areas of computational and theoretical chemistry, with an emphasis on nanoscale and macromolecular phenomena. Research endeavors will also include chemical education. Hobbies include sight-seeing, hiking, biking, cooking, reading, and learning new computer tricks!

Dr. John Conboy completed his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon with Dr. Geri Richmond in 1996. He is now an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Utah. The Conboy Group is currently pursuing research into the dynamics and structure of lipid membranes, the development of label-free methods for detecting protein and small-molecule adsorption to interfaces, and the application of water-immiscible room temperature ionic liquids for separations using a combination of nonlinear optical spectroscopies in conjunction with biological and electrochemical methods to achieve these objectives.


After working in Prof. John Keana’s lab, Dr. Amir Tamiz graduated from the University of Oregon in the winter of 1999. His dissertation was on designed and synthesized series of orally active NR1A/2B subtype selective NMDA receptor antagonists.  After leaving UO, Amir moved to Georgetown University where he worked with Prof. Alan Kozikowski on synthesis of cocaine based small molecules as therapeutic.  Amir Tamiz currently works for Alba Therapeutics in Baltimore, MD where he is the head of the chemistry program with a lead molecule in Phase II clinical trials for celiac disease.


Dr. Joshua Pak completed his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon with Dr. Michael Haley in 1999. He finished his postdoctoral appointment at University California Irvine with Dr. Ken Shea in 2001. He is now an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Idaho State University. His current research projects include preparation of novel multinary chalcogenide nano-materials for PV applications and suparmolecular chemistry of optically active organic and organometallic materials.



Undergraduate Alumni

Iris Hood just earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon. She completed a successful undergraduate research project in Ken Prehoda's lab studying protein—protein interactions. Iris was also the 2008 recipient of the Biochem Achievement Award. Iris is starting her PhD program at Berkeley in the Fall.