President: Jaclyn Kellon

4th year Ph.D. Candidate
Department: Chemistry
Lab: Hutchison

Originally from Cleveland Ohio and obtaining my B.A. in Chemistry from Goucher College in Baltimore Maryland, I decided to come to the University of Oregon for my PhD because I wanted to check out the western part of the US. I joined the Hutchison Lab at the end of my first year and my research focuses on studying the electronic properties and toxicity of gold and metal oxide nanomaterials. Although I find my research interesting, I knew coming into graduate school that I did not want to work in a lab for the rest of my life. My real passion is communicating science to nonscientists. I am pursuing a career in Science Policy, ideally working for the Federal Government to educate policy makers on current scientific issues and impacts.

When I am not doing research or CMiS related things, I enjoy working out and watching sports. I ran track, 400 m hurdles, in college and sports/working out is a really important part of my life. After undergrad, I took a year off a backpacked through Europe for 3 months, and I try and travel internationally whenever possible, my most recent trip being to Japan. In Eugene I love playing bar trivia, going to wineries, breweries and eating out. Unlike most people in the PNW, I am not an outdoorsy person. I went camping for the first time last year and backpacking the first time this summer. I do appreciate the beauty of the state but would like to move back to the East Coast after graduation.

Vice President: Meredith Sharps

4th year Ph.D. Candidate
Department: Chemistry
Lab: Darren W. Johnson & Hutchison

I’m originally from the high desert of Albuquerque, NM, and received my B.S. in Chemistry from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2014. In undergrad, I was first intrigued by organic chemistry and worked on total synthesis of alkaloid based natural compounds. However, I gained a significant interest in materials chemistry while doing an REU at Colorado School of Mines in 2013, studying greener methods for passivating quantum dots. I came to UO for graduate school in part because of the focus on green chemistry, and now I work as a joint student with Drs. Jim Hutchison and Darren Johnson focusing on the formation of nanoscale metal oxide materials.

Fun facts: Chemistry was not the only degree I received at Emory. I double majored in music, with a focus in vocal performance. I spent one summer studying abroad in Italy for chemistry, not music. I also have two black belts in Kenpo Karate, and I love participating in all the outdoor shenanigans Oregon has to offer.

Treasurer: Dr. Hannah Bishop

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department: Neuroscience
Lab: Niell

I am so fortunate that science and fate brought me to the beautiful state of Oregon, where I’m currently in Cris Neill’s lab studying visual processing in the mouse superior colliculus. When I’m not playing with mice, you can find me in the classroom teaching UO undergrads about their brains (and hopefully blowing their minds!). Before coming to the Beaver state, I earned my PhD in Neuroscience from UC Davis, where I studied the biochemistry and physiology of voltage-gated potassium channels in cortical pyramidal neurons. I love hiking, camping, cooking, dancing and traveling as much as my salary and vacation will allow it.

Seminar Chair: Matt Cerda

Ph.D. Student
Graduate Research Assistant
Department: Chemistry
Lab: Pluth

Originally from the concrete jungle (New York City), I moved out west to earn a PhD in the lab of Dr. Michael Pluth investigating the wondrous world of sulfur in biology. My dissertation work involves the synthesis of small molecule hydrogen sulfide donors which can be triggered in biological environments by sulfur containing molecules known as thiols. Outside of the lab, I enjoy participating in all outdoor adventures the pacific northwest has to offer and cheering on our local minor league baseball team, the Eugene Emeralds. Go Ems Go!

Social/Outreach Chair: Michelle Muth

2nd year Ph.D. Candidate
Department: Earth Sciences
Lab: Wallace

I’m a budding geologist with a passion for bringing diverse groups of people together. I spend a lot time thinking about how rocks melt to form magma. Before coming to Oregon I lived in Houston, where I used specialized lab equipment to synthesize and study melted rocks. Here at UO I use natural rock samples to study how magmas form beneath the southern Cascades. When I’m not polishing, analyzing, or writing about rocks, I enjoy baking bread and spending time outside.

Workshop Chair: Arunima Bhattacharya

4th year Ph.D. Student
Department: Mathematics

Originally from Calcutta,India I received my masters in Mathematics from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India. I moved to Oregon in 2014 for a PhD in Math. I work in Geometric Analysis with a research focus on fully non-linear elliptic Partial Differential Equations. I study the regularity and smoothness of viscosity solutions of elliptic equations in Differential Geometry, such as the Special Lagrangian equations. Being a graduate teaching fellow at the UofO, I have taught courses such as Math 111 (College Algebra) and Math 243 (Introduction to Statistics and Probability) as an instructor. I am also a member of the "Association for women in Mathematics" (AWM). And when I am not working, I spend all my vacation time traveling and exploring new places!

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5th year Ph.D. Candidate
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Department: Physics
Lab: McMorran

My research is focused on using transmission electron microscopes (TEM) in scanning (STEM) mode to perform electron interferometry experiments. As part of this work our group developed a technique called STEM-holography, which I am currently expanding on next with Hitachi at their Central Research Laboratory in Hatoyama, Japan.

I was lucky enough to teach for my first two years of graduate school, both as a Graduate Employee and a Science Literacy Program (SLP) Fellow. As the latter, I worked with Dr. Ben McMorran to develop curricula and syllabus for a progressive version of PHYS 252-3. We worked towards incorporating a more active learning style during lecture and tutorials via clickers and updated worksheets. Teaching matters!

Additionally, I have developed and coordinated Mad Duck Physics. Since 2014, multiple undergraduate students in the Society of Physics Students (SPS) as well as graduate student volunteers and I have been commuting to River Road Elementary School once a month during their school year to perform hands-on physics and chemistry demos with the students there (usually 3rd through 5th grade). These visits culminate in a field trip that they take to the University of Oregon Physics building, where we perform larger demo shows in addition to smaller hands-on demo stations. Please email me if you’d like to get involved!

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cathy Wong

Assistant Professor
Department: Chemistry

When I’m not working with my students in the laser lab, building new techniques to measure the properties of electronic materials while they’re being made, you’ll probably find me somewhere outside, or blowing my salary at REI. I love hiking, backpacking, dehydrating tastier food for the trail, and figuring out how to make my gear just another ounce lighter. I’m also really good at coming in third in my fantasy football league.