10/20/17 2017 Conference Awards

We are pleased to announce the CMiS Winter, 2018 Conference Awards! In order to apply, please prepare a letter of intent that is 500 words or less. Your letter should give the reviewers a brief introduction of your background and why you intend to attend the Conference. We recommend that you prepare your letter in your favorite word processor, and then copy and paste into the google form. Please follow the link below to submit your application! Applications are due Friday, December 1st at 17:00.
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09/26/17 Congratulations to our Fall 2017 Conference Awards Recipients!

Madelyn N. Scott
Madelyn is a second-year undergraduate student of the Robert D. Clark Honors College pursing a B.S. in Chemistry. She joined Dr. Cathy Wong’s research group in February of 2017, and has engaged in a variety of projects—including thin film production, drafting in AutoCAD, and milling in the machine shop—during her time so far. She will be attending the 2017 SACNAS Diversity in STEM Conference to present her research regarding optimization of thin film deposition. For this project, she collaborated with other members of the group to develop a new device—a slot die coater—to deposit film for analysis via single-shot transient absorption spectroscopy. In her research, she also learned about electron coupling between two monomers as they undergo electronic transitions, and presented a model to visualize the fluid dynamics of the slot die coater.

Lauren Vega O'Neil
Lauren Vega O’Neil is a PhD candidate in the psychology department working on her dissertation in developmental psychology. She participated in the Cognitive Development Society conference in Portland, OR, October 12-14th. Lauren studies the effects of socio-economic status on self-regulation, language, executive function and analogical learning. She is grateful to CMiS for their financial support.