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CMiS is an organization established at the University of Oregon to promote the participation and success of minorities in the broadly defined field of STEM. Feel free to look around and check out what we have been up to!

If you are interested in applying for travel funds to attend a conference, please fill out the form below.

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As a reminder, requests for travel funds must follow requirements state in Section IV of our bylaws:
• Must be a current CMiS member to apply for awards and scholarships
• Required to show proof of a submitted application to present work
• Preference is given to students presenting their research
• Must submit a hard copy of application which should include resume and/or CV, and letter of intent outline when during the conference they will participate in recruiting efforts
• Recipient must participate in a sub-committee at least once in the year they receive the reward
• Funds must be met by another organization, department or PI

If you click the "Submit" button, your information will be sent to the CMiS email address (cmis@uoregon.edu)".