Working Papers

Transfer Pricing by Multinational Firms: Evidence from Foreign Firm Ownership

(with Dan Nguyen), First version: August 2013  |  This version: December 2013 


Revision requested by the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Airports and Urban Growth: Evidence from a Major Policy Experiment

(with Bruce Blonigen), NBER working paper 18278  |  This version: September 2013 


Revision requested  by the Journal of Urban Economics

The Effect of Communication Costs on Trade in Headquarter Services

First version: September 2012  |  This version: January 2014


Trade Consequences of Maritime Insecurity: Evidence from Somali Piracy

(with Alfredo Burlando and Logan Lee), January 2014

Published Papers

The Effect of the Interstate Commerce Act on Transport Costs: Evidence from Wheat Prices

(with Bruce Blonigen), Review of Industrial Organization 43(1), August 2013, 41-62.

Trade and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Freight Transport

(with D. Hummels, L. Puzzello and M. Avetisyan)

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 65(1), January 2013, 153 - 173. 

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Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Trade: Evidence from U.S. States' Exports and Business-Class Air Travel

Journal of International Economics 84(2), July 2011, 207-220.

        Technical Appendix  |   Data Appendix

Work in Progress

Estimating the Gains from Liberalizing Services Trade: The Case of Passenger Aviation     

(with David Hummels and Brian Roberson), October 2012


Integrating Aviation Markets: The Effect of Plurilateral Liberalization Agreements

(with Russell Hillberry and Aaditya Mattoo)

Policy Work

Open Skies Over the Middle East: Integrating Aviation in Turkey and the Arab World

(with Russell Hillberry and Aaditya Mattoo)

Study requested by the World Bank.


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