Working Papers and Work in Progress

Estimating the Gains from Liberalizing Services Trade: The Case of Passenger Aviation  

        (with David Hummels and Brian Roberson) - New Version

The Extensive Margin of Aviation Networks: Implications for Urban Development

        (with Liliana Danila)

The Environmental Consequences of Liberalizing Services Trade: Evidence from International Passenger Aviation

        (with David Hummels and Laura Puzzello)

                                                   Published Papers

Transfer Pricing by Multinational Firms: Evidence from Foreign Firm Ownerships

        (with Dan Nguyen) 

        American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming.

The Trade Consequences of Maritime Insecurity: Evidence from Somali Piracy

        (with Alfredo Burlando and Logan Lee)

        Review of International Economics, forthcoming.

        Web Appendix  

Open Skies Over the Middle East

        (with Russell Hillberry and Aaditya Mattoo)

        The World Economy, forthcoming. (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6937)

Air Service and Urban Growth: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Policy Experiment

        (with Bruce Blonigen)

        Journal of Urban Economics 86, March 2015, 128-146.

        Web Appendix

The Effect of Communication Costs on Trade in Headquarter Services

        Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv) 151(2), May 2015, 255-289.

        Web Appendix   

The Effects of the Interstate Commerce Act on Transport Costs: Evidence from Wheat Prices

        (with Bruce Blonigen)

        Review of Industrial Organization 43(1), August 2013, 41-62.

Trade and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Freight Transport

        (with D. Hummels, L. Puzzello and M. Avetisyan)

        Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 65(1), January 2013, 153 - 173.

        Unpublished Web Appendix

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Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Trade: Evidence from U.S. States' Exports and  Business-Class Travel

        Journal of International Economics 84(2), July 2011, 207-220.

        Technical Appendix  ||   Data Appendix


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