SLIDES Database

Visual Resources Collection

University of Oregon Library


This database was developed by Christine L. Sundt using Microsoft Access. My goals in developing this system were to produce labels and cards for newly accessioned slides and to build a database of new accession information that could be accessed on site on a public computer workstation dedicated to the SLIDES Database. The interface for the public workstation is a modified version of the one illustrated below. The new accessions (data entry) database currently holds 6017 entries. The public workstation database holds close to 120,000 entries, accumulated since 1985. Only a small portion of the pre-existing collection has been entered into the database. The entire collection numbers more than 300,000 slides. Data entry data is uploaded to the public workstation on a quarterly basis. On average, 10,000 new slides are added to the collection annually.


Register form:

Data Entry form:

Codes form:

Names form:

Name & Number form:

Data Entry: Picking the "Main Entry" from the "tblNames_ID" combo box. The box also displays the associated classification codes, from "tblName&Number". This example illustrates the various options available for "Portland, OR" in the system:

Slide label output (sheet; Label stock: Catalog No. 387-2520, foil/back laser label 35mm slide 2520/pk, size 7/16 x 1-7/8 in., from University Products):

Slide label output (form feed preview; Label stock: Catalog No. 387-1763, Cont f/b [foil back] label, size 1 7/8 x 7/16 in., from University Products):

Card output (form feed preview; card stock: Catalog No. 313-P246, Continuous Catalog Cards-Smooth Perf lt/wt pale cream Perma/Dur, from University Products):

Relationships and Field Lists of Forms with SLIDES Database:

Form Design: Data Entry (frmItems):

Form Design: Data Entry (frmItems), showing Properties for field "tblNames_ID":

Form Design: SQL Statement: Query Builder from "tblNames_ID" field:

Form Design: Properties for hotlink field to TGN:


After data has been collected in the SLIDES data-entry database, it is exported to the SLIDES public database. Fields that contain administrative information are not exported. The database currently holds about 120,000 entries, growing at the rate of 10,000 entries per year.

"Switchboard" screen: the first list of options presented to the public:

Initiating a search for an architect:

Results of search for architect "richardson" (the first of 190 records):

Initiating a search using the "multiple fields" option:

"Paris" entered in "Main Entry" field with view of "subject" options for architecture:

View of "heading" option which displays primary classification code and its text equivalent:

Results of search based on data entered and selected:

Alternate viewing option (datasheet) for same data:

Another search: for Artist (Vermeer) and Keyword (Dresden); an illustrated data record: