Compiled by Don Stacy

A Chance To Reform 1:50 Strike Anywhere
Acoustika 2:53 Klaus
Alachua 3:06 Against Me
Anarchy In The Uk 3:30 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks
Anarkist 2:08 Klaus Zero Dollars
Anna Ng 3:23 They Might Be Giants
Anti-Pleasure Dissertation 2:28 Bikini Kill The Singles
Antisocial Girl 3:38 Boy Kicks Girl
Anyone Else But You 3:00 The Moldy Peaches
Barbie Girl (Punk Cover) 1:28 MXPX
Beat On The Brat 2:31 The Ramones RamonesMania
Bitchin' Camero 2:59 Dead Milkmen
Blister in the Sun 2:24 Violent Femmes
Blitzkreig Bop (Hey Ho, Let's Go) 2:09 The Ramones
Burn This Racist System Down 0:20 Destroy
Burritos 3:55 Sublime Sublime
California Uber Alles 3:00 Dead Kennedys
Cannonball 3:36 The Breeders Last Splash
Car Crash TV 1:22 'Tone
Cashout 4:28 Fugazi The Argument
Commercial Break 2:23 Black Cross Art Offensive
Crotchrocket 3:33 The Nervous Return
Debaser 2:46 The Pixies All Over the World
Decry 2:15 Takimoto 6 Songs 2004
Distopian Dream Girl 4:10 Built To Spill
Do Not Consider Yourself Free 2:23 Embrace
Don't Ask Me 2:45 OkGo OkGo
Don't Ask Me 3:43 Public Image Ltd. Greatest Hits So Far
Fix 2:07 Avail album
Freedom Of Choice 3:28 Devo Greatest Hits
Friction 4:46 Television Marquee Moon
FYR 3:15 Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes
Girl U Want 2:57 Devo Greatest Hits
God Save The Queen 3:16 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bolloks
Gone Daddy Gone 3:06 Violent Femmes
Goofy's Song 3:03 The Butthole Surfers
Him Dancing 1:11 Throwing Muses
Holiday In Cambodia 3:44 Dead Kennedys
How I Get By 2:45 Takimoto Demo
I Believe (U.S. Nationalist's Anthem) 3:33 Mike Tolman & Don Stacy
I Did It My Way (Punk Cover) 4:02 Sex Pistols
I Wanna Riot 3:58 Rancid
I Want To Be Sedated 2:29 The Ramones