the underground is above ground

Stephen Duncombe, the author of Notes from the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (1997), estimates that there are 500,000 to 750,000 zine readers. Zines are found in music stores, pubs, comic book stores, thrasher shops, political storefronts, alternative galleries, and on the Internet (e-zines). Most zines cost less than one dollar. Some zines sell for as little as ten cents. Many zines are distributed for free, through trade, or the cost of a postage stamp.

A network of zinesters is flourishing

Zinesters create and distribute non-commercial, non-professional, small circulation publications commonly known as zines.  Zines are a blend of original and appropriated images and text influenced by a variety of sources including comic books, posters, album covers, graffiti, tagging, thrasher art, tattoo flash, television, so-called "fine art," and literature.

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Portland zine symposium 2005

Signage at Portland zine symposiumzine rack at Portland zine symposium

zine table at Portland zine symposium zine tables at Portland zine symposium

free stuff at Portland zine symposium

Photographs by Doug Blandy