zines do not mince words or shy away from controversy


Zinesters demand that you think about gender roles, religion, familial relationships, politics, sexual orientation, the environment, academic disciplines, the arts, class structure, ethnicity, generational differences, economics, and pop culture in new ways.  Zinesters question politicians, value systems, eating habits, body politics, class structures, and numerous other topics through personal and controversial words and pictures. Zinesters operate outside formal political spheres and state structures. Zines exemplify a type of independent social critique and public engagement necessary to democracy.

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History Of
do it yourself

Food Stamps, Motherhood and the Politics of Shame

Free Tibet

Instant Gratification



My Scars


Seminar Comix


Media Whore


Word Salad

Zuzu and the Baby Catcher

zine credits (top left to bottom left):

1. Food Stamps, Motherhood and the Politics of Shame
2. Free Tibet
3. Instant Gratification: 20 Class A Addictions
4. Indulgence #8
5. Media Whore: Number Four

zine credits (top right to bottom right):

1. My Scars
2. Disposableboy
3. S.A.P.P.:Seminar Comix
4. World Salad: A Journal of Mental Health (Issue Three)
5. Zuzu and the Baby Catcher: No. 6