Math 691: K-theory and Geometry

Information for Dan Dugger's class, Winter 2012

Instructor: Daniel Dugger
Office: 317 Fenton
Phone: (541)-346-4790

Office Hours: TBA

This site will maintain the current version of the class notes:



Three pictures needed for the notes: p2image.png, p3image.png, p5image.png.

When it is your time to type up the class notes, download the above TeX file and add in your notes as a new section at the end. Note that some of the previous sections may not yet exist, if the people responsible for the lectures preceding yours haven't finished yet. This shouldn't matter, though. When you are finished with your lecture, just email me the new TeX file. I will take care of merging the different sections into some kind of coherent document. I know people are busy so I don't expect the lectures to get TeXed up immediately, but let's just say that if it could possibly happen within a week or so of the lecture that would be nice for everyone.

Tips for dealing with LaTeX: First, look at what other people have done and use it as a model for what you want to do. If you need to typeset a certain diagram, try to find a diagram in the text vaguely similar and then modify the code. In my experience, "The TeXbook" and "The Latex Companion" are the best resources for how to typeset in TeX. It should be the case that 90% of what you have to do can be done by mimicing other people's sections and quick references to these two books (mostly the latter of the two). Commutative diagrams are best typeset using xypic, which is not described in the books. Here is the xypic user's guide.

Feel free to add your own TeX macros into the file, as long as they don't conflict with things already there.

Pictures: Since we are dealing with geometry, it is nice to be able to include pictures from time to time. You can use the LaTeX Picture environment for this, but I've always found this somewhat cumbersome. I tend to do my pictures using a drawing program like x-fig, export them into an eps or pdf file, and then import them into LaTeX. I will eventually put some samples of this into the notes, but perhaps including pictures is more time-consuming than I want this process to be for you. Feel free to just leave some space for a picture and fill it with question marks, or write "PICTURE TO BE INSERTED HERE" in the text.

If you can't figure out how to TeX up a certain thing, just ask!

Here is the schedule of who is responsible for which lecture:

Mon, January 9: Dugger
Wed, January 11: Dugger
Fri, January 13: No class

Mon, January 16: No class (MLK)
Wed, January 18: Henning
Fri, January 20: Kloefkorn

Mon, January 23: Sun
Wed, January 25: Gardella
Fri, January 27: Gardella

Mon, Jenuary 30: Ro
Wed, February 1: Hilburn
Fri, February 3: Hilburn

Mon, February 6: Hardy
Wed, February 8: Hardy
Fri, February 10: Vicinsky

Mon, February 13: Vicinsky
Wed, February 15: Naples
Fri, February 17: Schultz

Mon, February 20: Bibby
Wed, February 22: Bibby
Fri, February 24: Huang

Mon, February 27: Huang
Wed, February 29: Naples
Fri, March 2: Schultz

Mon, March 5: Loubert
Wed, March 7: Loubert
Fri, March 9: Bartz

Mon, March 12: Chettih
Wed, March 14: Chettih
Fri, March 16: