Dennis Galvan
University of Oregon

Vice Provost for International Affairs
Professor, International Studies & Political Science
Co-Director, Global Oregon Initiative


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Selected Publications

Everyday Nation Building: Creativity, Culture and Political Community in Senegal and Indonesia, under review with advance contract from University of Pennsylvania Press.
Reconfiguring Institutions across Time and Space: Syncretic Responses to Challenges of Political and Economic Transformation, Dennis Galvan and Rudra Sil, eds., New York: Palgrave/Macmillan, 2007.
The State Must Be Our Master of Fire: How Peasants Craft Culturally Sustainable Development in Senegal, 2004, University of California Press, winner of the 2005 Best Book Award from the African Politics Conference Group.

"Market Liberalization as a Catalyst for Ethnic Conflict in Senegal and Indonesia,” revise and resubmit at Comparative Politics.
"Styles of Creative Syncretism: How the Weak and Powerful Change Institutions," in Gerald Berk, Dennis Galvan, Victoria Hattam, eds., Unstructuring Politics: New Perspectives on Institutional Change, chapter accepted for inclusion in volume currently under review at University of Pennsylvania Press.
"Eating the Nation, Shitting the Transnational,” in Jie-Hyun Lim and Kyung-Whan Oh, eds., Mapping the Transnational, chapter accepted for inclusion in volume currently under review at Berghahn Books, New York.
“Grands Travaux and Petits Cadeaux: Public Works and Private Materialism in the 2007 Re-election of Wade in Senegal,” in Vincent Foucher, ed., Le Sénégal de Wade, Paris: Karthala Press, forthcoming 2011.
“Precarious Hopes: Labor Remittances, Family Investments and the Effects of the Global Economic Crisis in Senegal,” in Rana Behal, Alice Mah and Babacar Fall, eds., Global History and the Sociology of Work: Perspectives from Europe, Africa and Asia, Berlin: LIT Verlag, forthcoming 2011.
“Everyday Transnationalism and the Postcolony in West Africa,” Development and Society,December 2010.
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