Sam Boggs, Jr, Emeritus Professor

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1272
Tel.  (541) 346-4553
FAX.  (541) 346-4692

Research Synopsis

My research group focuses on sedimentary petrology, particularly petrological and geochemical analysis of sandstones.  We use a variety of techniques and equipment (e.g., electron probe microanalysis, backscattered electron microscopy, cathodoluminescence, image analysis) to study sediment provenance, dispersal, and diagenesis.  Some recent projects include study of

The cathodoluminescence properties of quartz as a tool for provenance interpretation, identification of shocked quartz from meteorite-impact sites by using SEM-cathodoluminescence analysis, evaluation of the effectiveness of quartz cathodoluminescence color as a provenance tool, and petrographic and cathodoluminescence analysis of deep-sea sediments from the Cheju Basin, East China Sea..  We are currently cooperating in research with geologists from Norway and Korea.

Recent Publications


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