Ray J. Weldon II
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(past 4 years)

My principle service within our department during the past 4 years has been to serve as the head of our Admissions and Awards Committee. This involves overseeing the processing of almost 100 graduate applications per year and extensive interaction with prospective students. I have served on our Promotion and Tenure Committee for the past 2 years, responsible for preparing at least one promotion case each year. I also served as the head of a 2002 search, that resulted in the hiring of Dave Schmidt, and have served minor roles in other committees, including Field Camp and Seminars. Within the broader University I serve on the GIS and related Information Technology Committee, the Library Committee, and Goldwater Undergraduate Scholarship Committee, as well.


Outside the University I currently serve as the only geologist on a 5 member executive committee (Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities) that will direct an 8 M$ effort to revise California’s Earthquake Hazard Map (that will also provide the methodology and California cornerstone for the next iteration of the National Earthquake Hazard map). I served on the NSF's Continental Dynamics Peer Review Panel for 6 years (ending in 2002), and recently served on the USGS's formal review panel for the National Earthquake Hazards map. I review proposals and papers for a variety of groups and am otherwise active in many scientific earthquake communities (esp. the USGS ans SCEC). During the past 4 years I have also advised the Thai government on issues involving seismic hazard, including reviewing analyses of seismic safety associated with several large dams and related reservoirs, and work with the Kyrgyz Institute of Seismology on seismic and related environmental hazards in that country.


Perhaps most significantly, I interface with the public on geologic and in particular earthquake hazard issues. I spend hours to days each month answering questions on the phone or email, lecturing public and alumni groups (recent examples include a lecture for the University of Oregon Alumni Association at the Pendleton Round-up and a Tsunami Preparedness meeting next week in Seaside with Congressman David Wu ), and helping local groups (a recent example was to use my surveying class to provide control for a handicapped access nature trail). Finally, during the past 4 years I have served as a parent volunteer at South Eugene High and on the Parent Council for Roosevelt Middle School, and am active in atheletic activities for my sons’ High School and YMCA Swim teams.