Marine Science and Oceanography at UO


This page lists faculty, courses, and resources relevant to students and researchers interested in marine science, oceanography, marine-related environmental studies, and climate science at the University of Oregon.   General Oceanography Links

Department of Geological Sciences

Research Groups in Geological Sciences:
 - Geophysics
 - Surface Processes
 - Environmental Science Institute

Geology Seminars

Department of Biology

Research groups in Biology
 - Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
 - Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Department of Geography

  • Pat Bartlein: climatology, data analysis and visualization
  • Mark Fonstad: hydrology, remote sensing technology
  • Pat McDowell: geomorphology, hydrology, human impacts
  • Dan Gavin: biogeography, sediment core analysis, climate change

Research groups in Geography
 - Environmental change

Department of Physics

School of Law

Department of Political Science

Research groups in Political Science
- Climate change research group (CCRG)

Majors at the University of Oregon for students interested in marine science or climate related issues include:
-- Geological Sciences (Environmental or Geophysics tracks)
-- Marine Biology or Biology
-- Environmental Science or Environmental Studies in ENVS Program: ENVS seminars
-- Geography

List of classes relevant for students interested in marine science or climate related issues include (most likely not exhaustive!):

Department of Geological Sciences

  • GEOL 307
  • GEOL 410/510

Department of Biology

  • All OIMB classes
  • BIO 357

Department of Geography

Department of Physics

School of Law

Environmental Studies and ESCI



Oceanography Links


Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB)
Oregon State Physical Oceanography
South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve
Marine reserves in Oregon


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
UW Oceanography
Parker MacCready, UW
Fiamma Straneo, WHOI
Bob Pickart, WHOI

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