Sem Trauma & Sexuality

Fall 1999 607 Seminar
Title: Sem Trauma & Sexuality
Instructor: Jennifer Freyd
Grading option: Optional
Credits: 4
Instructor's consent
CRN: 16385
Time: Fridays 13:00-14:50 in 156 Stb

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This course gives "Clinical Elective Credit " for grad students in UO Clinical Psychology program.

Instructor's consent required; (Application Form) [Note the course is currently full but some spaces may open up. Applications may be submitted for the wait list. ]

Overview: Fall 1999 Graduate Seminar on Trauma & Sexuality
Professor Jennifer J. Freyd
With the assistance of post-doctoral fellow Dr. Eileen Zurbriggen
In this seminar we will consider theoretical and empirical research addressing the intersection of trauma and sexuality. We will address traumatic sexuality and sexual trauma. We will ask about the impact of trauma on sexuality and the influence of sexuality on trauma. These explorations will lead us to questioning the nature of sexuality, the nature of trauma, the role of sexual versus non-sexual trauma, developmental issues, the role of gender and sexual orientation oppression, the influence of trauma history on revictimization and perpetration, the impact of trauma on sexuality in close relationships and physical aspects of sexuality, the relationship between trauma and working in a sex trade, and the impact of trauma on safe-sex practices. For each of these topics we will consider quantitative and qualitative research findings, theoretical analyses of individual, group, and societal processes, and implications for prevention and treatment.

Course Work: Participants will be expected to attend all classes and do all assigned reading. There will be an E-mail listserv set up for this class. Students will be required to post one or two questions for discussion based on the week's readings by 11 am on Thursday each week. One or two students per week will be in charge of leading the discussion during each class period, and will incorporate those questions into a discussion format. If you would prefer, you may instead write a paper on an aspect of trauma and sexuality. The paper can be either review and analysis of other papers (not primarily assigned readings), a description of ongoing or completed research conducted by the student, or a research proposal. Students will be evaluated on class participation, posted discussion questions, and the in-class presentation and/or paper.

Weekly Schedule: The preliminary issues, weekly topics, and reading schedule can be found at

Bibliography: A bibliography for trauma and sexuality is under development at

Application Form: Instructors Consent is Required (for both students who wish to register and those who wish to audit). Applications will be considered as long as there is space available.The application form is at [Note the course is currently full but some spaces may open up. Applications may be submitted for the wait list. ]

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