UO Psychology 607 Graduate Seminar

Spring 2010

Trauma of War

Instructors: Holly Arrow, Pamela Birrell, & Jennifer Freyd

Syllabus Version: 21 May 2010

CRN: 35869
Grading option: Optional
Credits: 2-4
Time: Tuesdays 1-2:50 PM in 143 Straub Hall

Application Form: Instructors' consent is required. Applications will be considered as long as there is space available.

Course Home Page http://dynamic.uoregon.edu/~jjf/courses/psy607-spr10/

Course Materials for Registered Students Located at http://blackboard.uoregon.edu/

Clinical Elective: This seminar can be used as a clinical elective for grad students in UO Clinical Psychology program.

Overview:  Our understanding of the trauma of war has undergone enormous change over the last century.  In this seminar we will read current and historical reports and analyses of war trauma, asking not only how war impacts military personnel, civilians, and society, but also how the societal and historical context molds our approach to the questions and issues. We will consider a variety of perspectives including first hand reports and conceptual and empirical analyses of the impact of war. Topics include evolutionary perspectives on war, psychiatric perspectives, military sexual trauma, children and war, genocide, the current wars, and the Vietnam war.

Required book for the course:

Kraft, H.S. (2007). Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital. New York: Little Brown & Co.

Additional readings:

See weekly reading assignments.

Course Work: Students will be expected to attend all class meetings, do all assigned readings, and to participate actively in seminar discussion. In addition each participant will lead a class discussion and, in advance of the class meeting, post on Blackboard a set of discussion questions by the Friday at noon before the Wednesday class. Once the questions are posted the student will send an email to the class announcing the availability of the questions. By the Friday at noon following the class, the student(s) leading discussion will post on Blackboard a document including the discussion questions, any other presentation material, and capturing important discussion points from class.

Topics & Readings by Week

( = readings from required book)

Week 1, March 30: Current War

Film: Hidden Wounds

Discussion Leaders: Holly Arrow, Jennifer Freyd & Pam Birrell


Week 2, April 6: Historical Perspectives

Guest Presentation: Debby Phillips of the Eugene VA

Discussion Leader: Robyn Gobin


Week 3, April 13: PTSD

Discussion Leaders: Jessica Murakami and Brian Jacoby


Week 4, April 20: Vietnam War & Betrayal

Guest Presentation: Nguyet Thi Minh Nguyen on war in Viet Nam

Discussion Leader: Anna Bell


Week 5, April 27: Military Sexual Trauma

Discussion Leader: Melissa Platt


Week 6, May 4: Rape in War

Film: The greatest silence: rape in the Congo

Discussion Leader: Annmarie Hulette


Week 7, May 11: Genocide

Guest Presentation: Paul Slovic on the topic of genocide and psychic numbing

Discussion Leader: Laura Kaehler


Week 8, May 18: Children and War

Guest Presentation: Ariel Lissman on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Film: A Children's Century of War

Discussion Leader: Christina Martin


Week 9, May 25: Torture and the Role of Psychologists

Discussion Leaders: Andrea Wolfe and Cameo Konfrst


Week 10, June 1: Healing & Summing Up

Discussion Leaders: Erin Darlington and Aliya Gamez


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