UO Psychology 607 Graduate Seminar

Winter 2013

Systemic Trauma

Instructors: Jennifer Freyd and Pamela Birrell

Syllabus (as of 25 January 2013)

CRN: 25639
Grading option: Optional
Credits: 2-4
Tuesdays 1:00 - 2:50 PM
143 Straub

Course Home Page http://dynamic.uoregon.edu/~jjf/courses/psy607-win13/

Clinical Elective: We will request this status if anyone in class needs it.

Overview: We will explore theory and empirical research on systemic trauma and betrayal trauma, highlighting emerging research and theory that focuses on the broader contexts and related mechanisms that give rise to trauma, maintain it, and impact responses.

Required books for the course:

Additional readings: See weekly reading assignments for additional articles. Some will be selected from:

Course Work: Students will be expected to attend all class meetings, do all assigned readings, and to participate actively in seminar discussion. In addition, each participant will lead a class discussion and, in advance of the class meeting, email to the class discussion questions by the Friday at noon before the Tuesday class. By the Friday at noon following the class, the student(s) leading discussion will email to the class a document including the discussion questions, any other presentation material, and capturing important discussion points from class.

Weekly Reading Assignments

Week 1, January 8: Institutional Response to Sexual Assault

Discussion Leader: Carly Smith


Week 2, January 15: Holocaust

Discussion Leader: Bill Schumacher



Week 3, January 22: Systemic Trauma in the Mental Health System: Case Study

Discussion Leaders: Christina Gamache Martin, Laura Noll, and Marina Rosenthal

Documentary Screening: Guilty Except for Insanity


Week 4, January 29: Systemic Trauma in the Mental Health System: Psychiatry & Diagnosis

Discussion Leaders: Christina Gamache Martin, Laura Noll, and Marina Rosenthal



Week 5, February 5: Systemic Trauma in the Mental Health System: Psychotherapy

Discussion Leaders: Xiaoning Sun and Kate Gilliam



Week 6, February 12: Torture in the Name of Good

Discussion Leader: Briana Hailey



Week 7, February 19: Military Sexual Trauma

Discussion Leaders: Melissa Platt and Sarah Harsey

Documentary Screening: Invisible War


Week 8, February 26: Military Sexual Trauma

Discussion Leader: Kristen Reinhardt



Week 9, March 5: Culture & Gender

Discussion Leader: Jen Gómez


Week 10, March 12: Facing Systemic Trauma

Discussion Leaders: Nita Halstead and Laura Kaehler



About your Instructors

Jennifer Freyd <jjf@dynamic.uoregon.edu>