Sem Developmental Traumatology

Winter 1999 607 Seminar
Title: Sem Developmental Traumatology
Instructor: Jennifer Freyd
With additional faculty involvment of Pam Birrell and Tom Dishion (and others welcome)

Grading option: Optional
Credits: 4
Instructor's consent
Time: M 13:00-14:50 in 156 Stb

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This seminar satisfies "Clinical Elective Credit " for grad students in UO Clinical Psychology program.

Instructor's consent required; (Application Form) THE CLASS IS FULL. ***No additional applications accepted***

Overview: This 607 seminar will focus on findings and theory relevant to understanding developmental issues associated with traumatic stress. We will consider both childhood and lifespan development and we will look at developmental traumatology from cognitive, social, clinical and biospsych (including neuropsychology, psychophysiology, and psychoimmunology) perspectives. Particular focus will be on: 1) definition and assessment of trauma and sequelae (e.g.: assessment of dissociation in children); 2) understanding the contributions of traumatic exposure and societal response to the etiology of developmental and lifespan problems and achievements (e.g. evaluating explanations for the observed relationship between childhood sexual abuse and HIV-risky behavior in early adulthood); 3) similarities and differences between different traumas relevant to psychological response (e.g. role of betrayal versus immediate life-threat); 4) differential impact of trauma at different ages as a function of developmental changes in linguistic, conceptual, and social skills; 5) efficacy and effectiveness of educational and clinical interventions and prevention strategies; 6) empirical research on the interaction between childhood traumatic exposure, social context, and predisposing and consequent individual differences in information processing.

Faculty and Community Guests and Participants: Drs. Pamela Birrell and Tom Dishion of the Psychology Department will be participating in this seminar. We will also have guest speakers from the community who treat or research traumatized children.

Readings: The reading list can be found at

Course Work: Participants will be expected to attend all classes and do all assigned reading. Students will be expected to participate in seminar discussion. In addition students will have the option of either (A) turning in a paper or (B) making a 30 minute class presentation. The paper or class presentation needs to be on a topic within developmental traumatology. It can be either review and analysis of other papers (not primarily assigned readings), a description of ongoing or completed research conducted by the student, or a research proposal.

Weekly Schedule: The weekly schedule can be found at

Application Form: Instructors Consent is Required (for both students who wish to register and those who wish to audit). Applications will be considered as long as there is space available.The application form is at THE CLASS IS FULL. ***No additional applications accepted***

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11 January 1999