Administrative Steps once RAs are hired

Acknowledgment: This material was originally drafted by Jocelyn Barton, May 2009.

After you’ve hired RAs, they have to get SONA user IDs as researchers, and keys to the lab space (assuming you want them to enter or collect data). SONA researcher IDs require completion of the departmental HSP quiz and CITI certification. They also have to be added to SONA as researchers for your study (if you want them to post times, or otherwise use SONA).

HSP Quiz

1. E-mail Cindy Salmon ( the names of your RA and their UO user ID (i.e., the first part of the e-mail address; e.g., jbarton). Ask her to enroll them as students in the “Research with Human Subjects” course.

2. Once students have access in Blackboard, here are the steps for RAs:
-- Click on the Research with Human Participants course, and on the first page, under announcements, click on the link to go here:
-- Read the info, then click on the 'Certification Quiz' link on the left-hand side of the page
-- Take the quiz
-- E-mail Cindy Salmon to let her know you have taken the quiz ( )
-- She will then make you an account on SONA as an RA

CITI training
1.         Send the RAs to this Website:
2.         Tell them to make a new user account and follow the prompts.
3.         They only need to complete the “Student Researchers” course
4.         Once its completed, have them print out a copy of the certificate and return to you.

Lab Keys for RAs
1.         Send an e-mail to George Helbling (, cc: to JJF, to request the keys.
2.         Include the student’s name and their UO ID number, as well as room number
3.         After JJF approves, George will forward the request to Cindy Salmon.
4.         Cindy puts in the request to DPS, and e-mails you that this is done.
5.         Let students know they can get their key cards from Cindy, and pick up their keys at DPS. This usually take 2 – 3 days minimum, and DPS requires a $10 cash deposit.

Using Yahoo! Calendar

We use Yahoo! calendar to make sure that people conducting research don’t double-book lab space. Any lab meetings, data entry work, data collection, etc., should be logged on the Dynamics Lab Yahoo! calendar.

  1. Open Internet browser
  2. Log in to the yahoo calendar website:

Yahoo! ID: XXXX
password: XXXX

  1. Click the ‘Month’ tab
  2. Check your time and date to be sure no other RA is using STB 455 and running our experiment.
  3. For title, enter: Orange study – YOUR Name
  4. Enter the timeslot information for date, time etc.
  5. For location, enter Straub 455
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’ (or ‘Save and Add Another’)

NOTE: if you are running multiple consecutive hours, you can make one entry that blocks out the room for that time. You don’t have to make a single entry for each participant IF the hours are consecutive (e.g., 9:30-12:30 on a given day).

Using SONA

  1. Open an Internet browser
  2. Log in to the SONA website: using your RA user ID

ADDING an RA as a researcher

  1. Click ‘My Studies’
  2. Click ‘Study Info’
  3. Scroll down and click ‘Change Study Information’
  4. Under the Researcher box, select the names of the RAs you want to add.
    NOTE:      You have to select all your RAs working on the project, even if you only want to add a new one. Otherwise, it removes any name that is NOT selected.
  5. Scroll down and click ‘Save Changes’


  1. Click ‘My Studies’
  2. Click ‘Timeslots’
  3. Scroll down and click ‘Add a Timeslot’
  4. Enter the timeslot information for date, time etc.
  5. Be sure to enter YOUR NAME after the location so we know who is running a study at what time (e.g., 455 Straub – Jocelyn)
  6. Click the ‘Add Timeslot’ button


  1. Click ‘My Studies’
  2. Click ‘Timeslots’
  3. Find your participant name, time, and date, and click ‘Modify’
  4. If participant showed up, click the ‘Participated’ credit and make sure it is set to 1 credit. If participant did not show, click the ‘No-Show Penalty Assessed’ button. No comments are necessary unless there is an unusual situation.
  5. Click the ‘Update Sign-ups’ button

RA Evaluations

  1. The RA coordinator will send you a link to the RA evaluation form by Monday of week 9.
  2. Please email the link to your RAs and ensure that they have completed the evaluation by Monday of week 10.

Also see: Describing Sona Participants in Reports

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