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Earth Matters On Stage is a program of both The Ink People Center for the Arts and Humboldt State University:

Founded in 1979, The Ink People Center for the Arts is located in Humboldt County , California . A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to the nurturing of culture through the education and involvement of artists and arts lovers, serving the community by encouraging excellence in the showing, teaching and making of art, by exploring the boundaries of art, culture, and technology; and by providing leadership in the pursuit of artistic excellence and vision. In addition to its Core Programs, the DreamMaker series serves as an incubator to community-inspired artistic and cultural efforts. Earth Matters On Stage is a new DreamMaker program.

Humboldt State University Department of Theatre, Film & Dance is the central venue and campus sponsor of the Ecodrama Playwrights Festival. Student opportunities to work on the Festival and receive credit exist through related department courses.

In addition to Humboldt State University , two Humboldt area theatres are participating as host theatres and partners in Earth Matters on Stage 2004. Each theatre will be producing their own community-based ecodramas and they will be performed in conjunction with the events of the Ecodrama Playwrights Festival. See Schedule for details.

Dell'Arte International calls the hamlet of Blue Lake , CA home, and is the United States center for the development, exploration, training, creation, and performance of the physical theatre traditions and their contemporary applications.  They are a true "regional" arts center for our geographically diverse community. The Dell' Arte Company - a professional touring company - is an on-going ensemble of artists that has created over 35 award-winning, original works of theatre since 1977.  The company has toured extensively to international festivals. During the EMOS Festival Dell'Arte will revive SHADOW OF GIANTS- a play about a struggle over one redwood tree. A struggle with international ramifications. SHADOW had its premiere in June 2004, when it played to sold-out audiences.

Since 1999, Redwood Curtain Theatre in Eureka , CA has focused on producing the best of contemporary theatre. Now in their sixth season, the theatre has commissioned local playwright Sue Bigelow-Marsh for what will be the company's first World Premiere - an ecodrama entitled BINDLESTIFF'S DANCE HALL. Set in 1939 in a marathon dance hall in central California, BINDLESTIFF'S DANCE HALL tells the story of one man's struggle to maintain his dignity and hope in the often hopeless world of the migrant farm workers as they tried to shape and survive in an environment far from their control. The play will be directed by New York-based director Janice Goldberg and will run September 24 0ctober 2.