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Articles and other references on Theatre and Ecology

This limited bibliography will acquaint students, teachers and others interested in ecocriticism in theatre studies, and the intersections of performance and ecology.

Some articles listed are available in PDF.  Others may be included in journals with electronic access. 
Those marked with an asterisk are Reserve in the University of Oregon’s Knight Library under “Ecodrama Festival.”

We update this list frequently.
If you are familiar with articles that we should include in this list, please email the reference to:

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Journal issues dedicated to ecocriticism in theatre:


 Key Critical Animal Studies Articles by Una Chaudhuri

“Animal Acts for Changing Times,” American Theater, October 2004. 

“Zoo Stories: ‘Boundary-Work’ in Theatre History,” Redefining Theatre History ed. W.B. Worthen and Peter Holland (Palgrave, 2004).


“Animal Geographies: Zooësis and the Space of Modern Drama,”  Modern Drama  (Volume XLVI, Number 4, Winter 2003) 646-662.


“Different Hats,” Theater, 2004.


“AWK!” Extremity, Animality and the Aesthetic of Awkwardness,” in The Undiscovered Country: The Later Plays of Tennessee Williams ed. Philip Kolin, (New York: Peter Lang, 2002) 54-67.


“Sniff Art.” Review of “On the Scent,” presented at the Performance Studies Pre-Conference, Association for Theatre in Higher Education Annual Conference, Summer 2004.  TDR, Summer 2004