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                           Stream Profile, South Fork of Crooked River


See whiteheaded woodpeckers colonizing artificial snags at the Metolius Preserve - a course project!


Worldwide, ecologists are restoring degraded habitats to provide ecosystem services such as water retention, carbon storage, biodiversity protection, and wilderness values.  Our collaboration with the Deschutes Basin Land Trust places students on the cutting edge of restoration science.  Experience in restoration offers career opportunities with consulting firms, government agencies, conservation organizations, and academia.

Students who take this course will

  - gain experience applying the scientific method to restoration

  - understand challenges posed by restoring different habitats

  - learn natural history & species identification of Oregon taxa

  - witness the effects of invasive species

  - discuss practical & philosophical values in restoration

  - live together in a beautiful setting, where nature is the classroom


This course is supported with the help of the Deschutes Land Trust and funded by a gift to UO from T. Montag