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Conservation Projects

Awnings: Pictured on the right is the Volcanology building and one of its twelve awnings installed to reduce heating and cooling needs throughout the year. These awnings block summer light and allow low angled winter light through.
Photo Taken by Zachary Withers
Watt-Stoppers : The UO purchased 500 watt-stoppers at fifty dollars apiece. They are motion detectors that focus on a desk area and are connected to a power strip. When you leave your desk, the sensor powers down each appliance connected to the power strip. EWEB has agreed to reimburse the UO $20-25 per watt-stopper installed. So far only 88 have been installed. If you are interested in installing one in your campus office contact Zachary with the SLP energy team.
Photo Taken by Zachary Withers
Solar Panels: Solar Panels have been installed on the UO campus on the EMU, Gerlinger Annex, and the Lillis Business Complex (check out Lillis for more info on sustainable design). Pictured here are the EMU solar panels as well as the Gerlinger annex panels.

EMU Solar Panels

Gerlinger Annex Panels- used to assist water heaters
in the Annex Building. They reduce the use of natural gas to heat water.

Dormitory Competition: In November and February of the 2001-2002 school year, energy conservation competitions were held between dormitories. Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (ESBL) hired three students to educate and bring energy conservation into focus with residents. ESBL tracked the energy savings over a six month period. Currently Jeff Kline with ESBL is calculating these energy savings. The results will be posted as soon as they are available.

Facilities Services: In 2001-2003 Facilities Services invested almost $540,000 to upgrade lighting and install fan timers across campus. The table and graph below summarize Facilities Services conservation investments, returns, and calculated energy savings. The investments include timers for fans and replacing old magnetic t-12 Fluorescent lights with more efficient electronic t-8 fluorescents. A technical report listing these projects and the buildings in which renovations were undertaken will be available here soon!
SLP Energy Team meeting with Josh Ruddick,Utilities Analyst, with Facilities Services. Ruddick provided the information used to compile the following table and graph.
Photo taken by Steve Mital



Facilities invested $451,688

ECM return was $341,627

Energy Saved Annually was

1.5Million kWh or about $57,000


Facilities invested $8-10,000

ECM return was $7,000

Energy Saved Annually was

58,000 kWh or about $2,000


Facilities invested $80,000

ECM return will be $62,000**

Energy Saved Annually was

390,000 kWh or about $14,000

NOTE: ECM = Energy Conservation Measure = EWEB's credit to the University for completing the needed conservation measures. This is based on energy savings vs. investments.

**This number represents an expected return to the University. EWEB is still processing this information

Combined 2001-2003 Information: This graph shows the monetary investments savings and returns for the lighting and fan timer projects.