Ellen Herman

Department of History, University of Oregon


HIST 365, Winter 2004, Week 2
Outline and Key Terms

Historical Childhood: The Case of the United States

1. Histories of Children and Childhood: The Basic Premise

2. History of Childhood and Childhood Studies as Fields of Scholarship

3. A Framework for Thinking About Children and Childhood in U.S. History: From Production to Pricelessness

4. Example #1: Work

5. Example #2: Child Welfare and the State


Philippe Ariès, Centuries of Childhood (1962)
Lowell Mill girls
family wage ideal
Horace Mann
Charles Loring Brace
nineteenth-century “child rescue” or “child-saving”
child welfare
parens patriae (“parents of the country”)
the welfare state
mothers’ pensions
birth registration
U.S. Children’s Bureau (established 1912)
Brown v. Board of Education (1954)