Alexander Ellis

Email: my last name at uoregon dot ee-dee-you
Office: Deady 1B

I am a Paul Olum Visiting Assistant Professor (postdoc, mathematics) at the University of Oregon. Prior to that, I received my PhD from Columbia University under the supervision of Mikhail Khovanov.

I study categorical representation theory, mostly of quantum Kac-Moody superalgebras, and its application to link homology. You can find my preprints on the arXiv. Or learn more about my research by looking at this adjustable summary.

I wrote and maintain some code in python which may of interest to people studying symmetric functions, Schur and Grothendieck polynomials, odd analogues of these, Manin-Schechtman graphs, certain Hecke algebras in type A, and polynomials in q-commuting or noncommutative variables. See my github.