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If you like ultimate you have come to the right place. The University of Oregon is home to one of the nation’s premiere ultimate programs. With a 2nd place finish in a bid for our second national title, two regional championships, and three national appearances all in the last six years the Oregon club strives for success. At Oregon we not only learn how to become successful athletes, but also how to become successful teammates. And when all is said and done we leave the University of Oregon knowing we have been a part of something special.

Oregon’s success comes from our ability to offer something to everyone from the serious athlete to the weekend bomber who never learned how to throw a forehand. Whether you want to set your sights on a championship title or just kick back and enjoy the game, we invite you to come and join us.

Colin and I will be the captains of Oregon ultimate during the fall and Ego for the rest of the year. This will be my fifth year on the team and I am finishing up my 3rd year on a club team, named Rhino. Colin has been playing for 3 years at Oregon after playing for Churchill High School. Colin will be rejoining us in the winter as he is at semester at sea.

The fall is very relaxed where we play as one team. After the OMG tournament, cuts for the A team will be made, but the B team keeps anyone that wants to continue to play. We have a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. We encourage people of all skill levels to join the team. We like to play hard, but also have a good time. Although the team is competitive we also follow the spirit of the game guidelines. These include playing fairly, having good spirit and having fun. Come check us out at Riverfront fields on Monday and Wednesday from 3-6 and make sure to bring your friends.

Cody Bjorklund
EGO captain

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