Welcome to the tournament page. Here you will find information on how the Oregon Ultimate tournament system works and you can track our year long tournament journey in results format. So check back often!

Here at Oregon we love to play ultimate and we can’t think anything better than competing in some of the most fun, competitive, and spirited tournaments throughout the country. For anyone new to our program we travel frequently throughout the year, each term attending anywhere from two to four tournaments at the local, regional, or national level. These tournaments provide the perfect opportunity to do what we love most—play ultimate.

photo by Matt Lane

Amid a sometimes exhausting schedule of games and long van rides, we always find there’s never a dull moment. If we’re not laying out on the field, loading up on carbs, or hanging out with our teammates then we are probably crashed out on the floor of one of our friend's or family’s home.

Our program travels to a variety of tournaments offering a variety of experiences. If you’re a serious athlete who wants to test your mettle against the toughest, most athletic players in the country then sign up with the Oregon Ego. Ego’s exciting schedule travels throughout the United States, seasonally visiting such destinations as the beautiful Austin, TX, the provocative Las Vegas, NV and the upscale valley of Palo Alto, CA.

For the more casual connoisseur of ultimate then perhaps a spot on the revolving door of names or, more simply, the Oregon B team whose past aliases include God, Love, and Daisy is right for you. Opting to attend more local tournaments the Oregon B team competes throughout the northwest, often landing in Tacoma, WA, Palo Alto, CA and Corvallis, OR.


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