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Accessibility-related parts of this site:

The Oregonized ADAAG - An annotated version of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, with additional information requirements and interpretations for the University of Oregon campus, as well as advice on unversal design, state building code coordination, and other issues.

The University of Oregon ADA Transition Plan (not yet linked)

Universal Design in Educational Environments - A paper that in expanded form is a chapter of The Universal Design Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 2001): Educational Environments, from Compliance to Inclusion.

Link to the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (The Access Board)

ADAAG Training outline, July 7, 2001, University of Oregon

Emergency Evacuation Guide for People with Disabilities (Fred Tepfer)

Universal Design lecture in Architecture 440/540, Human Context in Design

Accessibility and universal design for Heidi Ravensburger's disability law class.

Design Guide for the Blind and Low Vision: Best Practices Guide (draft fall 2007)
   and the beginning of a web version of the same, coming soon.

More links coming soon!