Sophie Darch

    If you’ve ever watched Fugue, you’ve seen Sophie Darch. Chances are she has broken your mark, faked you out, threw a dime hammer on stall nine. Chances are she’s stealthily skied you, gotten a run-through d from nowhere. So you already know that her creativity and field vision are unparalleled in the women’s game. You already know that she is the engine behind Fugue’s offense.

    What you may not know is that Sophie is one of the hardest working members on Fugue. She has represented the USA three times, has been named all-region and all-american throughout her collegiate career, and after bronze and silver medal finishes her freshman and sophomore years, led Fugue to a National Championship title in 2013.

    So here’s Sophie Darch. The girl with the dazzling smile and the spectacular throws. The girl who may occasionally stumble over her pre-game pump-up speech, but who always knows how to laugh at herself. The girl who leads her teams to victories, time and time again. Sophie Darch, whose love for frisbee just barely beats her obsession with Papa John’s Pizza. Sophie Darch, the 2014 Fugue Callahan nominee.