General Science Program
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The General Science curriculum requires basic mastery of several sciences beyond the introductory level. It is this breadth that makes the major an ideal choice for students interested in health related careers such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing, medical technology, etc. The major works well to provide a broad scientific background for students interested in engineering and other science careers. General science can also be a good choice for students whose career goal is to teach elementary or middle school science.

Internships offer students the ability to explore specific types of employment and enrich their learning. Interns can gain valuable field experience, learn about themselves, learn more about the field, gain an advantage in the job market, and make professional contacts. Many General Science majors choose to enrich their educational experience through internships. Information on internship opportunities is available in the General Science office and through the University of Oregon career center.

Career Information Links

List of Employment and Career Resources on the Web
U of O Career Center
Career Fairs at U of O
Occupational Outlook Handbook Online
Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page

Mentor Program Links

Career Center - Mentor Program
List of Mentor Program classes

Health Sciences Information Links

U of O Pre-Health Sciences Center
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Pre-Med and Medical School Scholarship
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Internship Links

Steps to getting Internships
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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Federal Student Financial Aid Site
Fill out your Federal Student Financial Aid Form online here.
Oregon Student Assistance Commission

Commercial Scholarship Search Services

FastWEB (Financial Aid Search Through the WEB) is the largest and most complete scholarship search on the Internet. FastWEB provides access to a searchable database of over 275,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and student loans.
This database presents 800,000 awards from about 2,000 sources in 69 academic subject areas with the same complete descriptions found in Peterson's Scholarships, Grants and Prizes book.
Sallie Mae/CASHE
Offers access to the College Aid Sources for Higher Education (CASHE) database and lists private sector awards from more than 3,600 sponsors.
College Board's FUND FINDER
This database, also known as ExPAN Scholarship Search, lists scholarships and other types of financial aid programs from 3,300 national, state, public and private sources.
SRN Express
The Scholarship Resource Network (SRN) database. The SRN database focuses on private-sector, non-need-based aid, and includes information about awards from more than 1,500 organizations.
CollegeNET MACH25
The Wintergreen/Orchard House Scholarship Finder database. The database lists awards from 1,570 sponsors.

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