Gilkey Christmas Letter 1999

1999 has been a quiet year for our humble little family. In January Carolyn was asked to lead the national anthem at the Super bowl, but she was forced to decline as she had a prior engagement to compete in GS at the World cup in Slovenia. Naturally she took first. Peter returned his Nobel Prize for Mathematical Physics because ``he didn't do it for public attention, only for the greater good of humanity.'' Emily's (15) tireless efforts for peace in the middle east earned her a dinner at the White House . She politely declined because she knows how important it is to eat one meal a day with her family.

On this years's spring vacation the entire family bicycled to Tierra del Fuego from our modest home in Eugene, Or. From Tierra del Fuego we swam to Antarctica to study the mating rituals of the Emperor Penguins. We brought two souveniers of our trip back to Eugene - see picture below. You would think such a journey would tire one out, but not our indefatigable George (18). He reached the summit of Everest right on schedule. He usually caps off his spring training with a jaunt in the Himalayas, and we were so afraid he would miss Carolyn's ``big 4-9'' celebration. He was back just in time, thank heavens. Of course he graduated from high school as both valedictorian and salutatorian with his stellar 3.2 GPA. George worked at the wave-pool this summer. His experience with saving lives led ``Baywatch'' to ask him to make a star appearance. Naturally he refused, upholding the family position that television is ``de devvil,'' as he puts it.

Carolyn, ever the avid ornithologist, discovered a new songbird in the Pacific Northwest and named it the ``Neil Diamond Jewel Throat'' after her favorite musician. We weren't surprised when Emily took state at the Oregon cross-country championships, but because Nationals were on a Sunday, she wouldn't compete. Dad led the usual nighttime crime fights, nothing new there. Mom did take some time to make new spandex outfits for us all. They have our logo ``WF'' (for Wunder-family) in reflective print on the front.

We wish you a year as fruitful as ours always are. Happy Kwanzaa, New Year, Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas.