The following is exerpted from the Notes from Hilbert Space for April 2004


by Jaime Wren

If you have ever witnessed Professor Gilkey teach a class, you know that he constantly makes references to his other officemates. My curiosity eventually led me to interview Penguin to get the history of this unique setup.
The penguin, named "Penguin" is the leader of Gilkey's hard working team. While Penguin was busy grading the recent Multivariable Calculus exams, I was able to get some insight into the lives of the company in 202 Deady (Gilkey's office.) Penguin graduated from The Antarctica University in 1952 with a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the top of this class. After having obtained a professorship in 1953, he wrote many research papers in Riemannian manifolds, Differential Geometry, and various other topics in advanced mathematics. By 1965, Penguin had gained a small following of other smart non-human mathematicians including Great Seal, Helga Walrus and Irina Pengui; he found that the large human office allowed for many other colleagues. In 1979 Penguin, found himself with the company of Bernie Dragon, Anita Rabitova, and Toot, however, even with all of his wonderful company, he was tired of Antarctica and was looking for change. The "Penguin and Company," as they liked to be called, traveled around the United States going to math conferences and eventually met Professor Gilkey. The "Penguin and Company" assists Gilkey with the many responsibilities of teaching a class, while Gilkey provides an office for the Penguins to study.

While Gilkey sees himself as lucky to have so many hard working mathematicians to assist him; personally I couldn't put up with the continuous stream of GRONK'S and snaps at each other. I mean let's get real: a penguin, a puffin, a seal and a dragon talking about math- sounds like headache.