1. Family Christmas 2002
  2. Family Christmas 2001
  3. Family Christmas 1999
  4. Emily
  5. George
  6. Peter
  7. Father Gordon Gilkey
  8. Uncle Clark Richards and Further information
  9. Aunt Margaret Richards in later years. See also earlier photo taken on trip to Europe in 1938. Died 23 January 2014.
  10. Grandmother Calma Howe Gilkey (Article on Welsley Fire and also Article in Wellseley Magazine)
  11. Grandfather James Gordon Gilkey, sr Photo taken on trip to Europe in 1938.
  12. Grandfather Clarence B Randall replying to President Truman and a Song by Thomas Francis (1918) When our soldier boy comes back". Some photos: CBR on a horse, CBR and President Eisenhower, CBR portrait, CBR and EMILY on a horse, CBR and EMILY on a ship.
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