Lee Silver, May 3 2011

The Personal Genomics Revolution


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Miss the first one?  Check out the original website where Bill Cresko’s video is posted:

Bill Cresko opened the first of what we hope to be many lecture series about genomics to a standing-room-only crowd!  If you missed the talk, or just wanted a recap, check it out!  Unfortunately we ran out of time before Bill could talk about the awesome work he’s doing on the genomics of cancer in collaboration with Hui Zong, also of the University of Oregon, but you can read his Press Release here:


I just want to share that I thought your first lecture in this series was amazing! Bill was more than awesome, all went smoothly, and everyone I've spoken with was equally as jazzed. I feel you definitely hit your goal of presenting a complicated topic to the uninformed public. And I think Bill got folks really excited about the emerging science in this area. Nice job!”

“I think we can all agree that the first installment of this seminar series was a huge success!  I look forward to the next!”

“You really captured the audience’s attention and demonstrated why everybody should understand what genomics means to them and society as a whole-- and if for those who didn’t understand genomics, you did an amazing job of covering such a complicated subject”

The video of Bill's talk was excellent and we were very pleased to be able to watch it online.”

Have a comment or suggestion for the next series?  Email Bryn: bgaertner_at_uoneuro.uoregon.edu